In the current domestic and international socio-economic scenario, vexed by an extended financial crisis, Companies shall put in place all the necessary measures for the Protection of Credits.

The prevention, management and recovery of Credit are fundamental activities to control the financial and cash-flow situation of a company by protecting one of the major assets: Commercial Credit.

The process of credit management requires the development of credit policies, able to direct the sales objectives towards an effective and efficient cash cycle, to balance the market needs with the financial needs related to the payment deferrals.

To this extent, CO.E.RI. KOSMOS Srl has tried to imagine the Company of the Future. A Company, where there’s no room for improvisation and credit management shall be strategic. A Company that shall cash in as soon as possible, avoiding credit losses and increasing their credibility toward Suppliers, Banks, Factoring and Credit Insurances.

Based on these beliefs, CO.E.RI. KOSMOS Srl has decided not to look for an existing solution but to build a new one, networking with a team of experts sharing the same vision: the creation of a Standard for the credit management, likewise it was done in the past for quality, environment, security and other more recent topics which are considered important for the evolution of companies toward excellence.

The CRMS FP 07:2015 Scheme has been developed in 2015 by a technical committee appointed by CO.E.RI. KOSMOS Srl with the involvement of the Faculty of Economics of Turin, the Business World, the major Insurance Companies, Industry Associations and the ABI.