The CRMS FP 07:2015 Scheme provides the Organizations within a Company with the opportunity to reconsider the approach of the internal management of Credit and proposes an organizational model that supports Companies to effectively manage their credits.

The deep and extended economical and financial crisis of these last years has determined a turn in the credit management. Today the priorities for Companies are to reduce the outstanding payments, to shorten the payment times, to generate cash for self financing their own investments, to safeguard the working capital and the balance sheet solidity. To improve the management of the working capital and of the variables that affect the development of credits provides a significant opportunity to create value since the economical and financial balance largely depends on the correct payment management with customers and suppliers.

Prevention, management and collection of Credits are fundamental activities to control the financial and liquidity situation of a company.

To achieve these results requires competencies, tools and development of credit policies, able to direct the sales objectives towards an effective and efficient cash cycle, to balance the market needs with the financial needs related to the payment deferrals.

The goal of the CRMS FP07:205 Scheme is to provide directions to companies in implementing an adequate organization and effective procedures for credit management in order to identify and address, as precociously as possible, the onset of risky events, putting in place the best actions to neutralize or minimize them.

To adopt a Credit Management System according to the Standard is not an obligation.

It provides advantages only if adopted by the organizations with a proactive approach. Therefore, this choice, should come from the awareness that this initiative is actually useful to the Organization and to the improvement of the processes related to credit.